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How NTT DATA's cloud solution enables large scale digital transformations

You want to be the valued IT partner in your organisation, enabling customer excellence, digital value creation and data driven management through Agile IT? You probably implemented the first digitalisation projects in new organisational units like digital business divisions or innovation labs. Doing so, you did the first steps of digital transformation. However, the significance of the outcome of these activities might remain behind your expectations.

This is, because digitalisation tools like hyper scale cloud platforms (as Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure) are well suited to support even the most ambitious digital initiatives. Where these platforms are however lagging, is supporting the gradual evolution of traditional enterprise IT. And even where “lift and drop” approaches from in-house data centres to hyper scale providers succeeded, the benefits in terms of scalability, flexibility and time-to-market were way below “native” cloud applications.

NTT DATA has set out developing a cloud offering which is specifically targeted towards enabling legacy applications for the digital era. The ALTEMISTA Cloud.

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NTT DATA ALTEMISTA Cloud is a full service platform for your IT evolution


NTT DATA ALTEMISTA Cloud enables your digitial business with an Agile IT platform that supports both, the legacy IT as well as the new Agile IT mode. It is a full service consisting of all necessary components and services to rapidly provide scalable and efficient solutions for your business partners.

The ALTEMISTA Cloud is comprised of the following high level components:

  • ALTEMISTA Cloud Infrastructure: Based on open source technology with reduced vendor lock-in. The actual infrastructure can be sourced from the “hyper-3” (Amazon, Microsoft), from enterprise providers like NTT Group or even in-house.
  • ALTEMISTA Cloud Assembly Lines: Latest build pipeline technology allows automated setting up CI/CD toolchains. Configurations of assembly lines is provided as code and can be version controlled.
  • ALTEMISTA Cloud Dashboard: The business objectives of the ALTEMISTA Cloud (higher productivity, higher quality, higher speed) tracked in real-time dashboards.

For areas where private cloud components running in ALTEMISTA Cloud or traditional on premise infrastructure need to be connected to public clouds (e.g., NTT DATA provides ALTEMISTA Cloud Connect as an additional component.

The features, developed by a driven team with a passion for IT

Reliability and Resilience: With ALTEMISTA Cloud Platform you can not only implement your new ideas on latest technologies like Docker, Kubernetes, OpenShift, API management, microservice architectures or NoSQL databases, but also keep track on the modernization of legacy application.

Efficiency and Velocity: Streamlined and automated processes - starting from the requirements engineering through implementation, build and deployment, testing and operations. Our ALTEMISTA DevOps processes rely on our experiences gained in various enterprise projects over the last decades and have been implemented on latest technologies based on industry open source standards like GitLab, Jenkins, SonarQube, Artifactory, Jira, Confluence and many more.

Transparency and Proof: With ALTEMISTA Cloud Dashboards you can keep track on all essential aspects of your IT solution e.g. utilization of IT resources, the availability of your solutions or the velocity of your last IT project. It presents vital key performance indicators allowing you to get the required details of your agile digitization projects – everytime and anywhere. ALTEMISTA Cloud ships with all required features to start and manage your agile projects even in fixed price Scenarios.

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With all the competition in your market, your enterprise has to be outstanding. That means your IT has to be outstanding and we believe that means having a truly Agile IT. 

Whether you plan to implement a cloud platform, are running one already or need to evaluate further integration of services, we are your partner and love to show you the full capability of NTT DATA ALTEMISTA.

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