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Mo, 29 März 2021 - 50 minutes

Higher Automotive Cybersecurity with V-SOC from NTT DATA

For greater cyber security: This is how the integration of intrusion detection into a vehicle security operation center (V-SOC) works.

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Cybersecurity – the threat grows with connectivity

Vehicles are becoming increasingly connected, making software almost more important than hardware. This makes cybersecurity one of the top issues in the automotive industry today. After all, hacker attacks on connected cars can have serious, and in the worst case, fatal consequences. What can be done? 

V-SOC: Comprehensive protection for every data transmission

OEMs' Security Operation Centers (SOC) usually only cover the IT structure outside the vehicle, but not the data flows inside the car. With V-SOC (Vehicle-SOC), NTT DATA offers a cybersecurity solution that identifies and processes all security incidents in a coordinated manner: from the vehicle and the sensors of the IT infrastructure. 

How does V-SOC work?

NTT DATA's V-SOC is a platform with services such as machine learning-based end-to-end security analytics - tailored to the needs of a Connected Vehicle Ecosystem. V-SOC provides more cyber security than traditional SOCs. The new whitepaper shows the technical background.

Interesting information for techies

Here is a brief overview of what awaits technically interested readers:

  • Intrusion detection against attacks on connected cars. Concepts and technologies of an intrusion detection system (IDS) for CAN bus to detect and defend against cyber attacks on connected cars.
  • Integration of intrusion detection into a security operation center. NTT DATA's end-to-end approach - combining in-vehicle sensor software for intrusion detection and IT SOC services into a vehicle SOC for security monitoring, threat analysis and reporting.
  • The future of Intrusion Detection Systems. Key challenges for OEMs in the development and technical implementation of intrusion detection systems (IDS) for securing connected cars.

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