Live Webseminar: Unlocking the value of Open Banking | NTT DATA

Donnerstag, 18. Jun 2020

Unlocking the value of Open Banking

Advice for non-financial services organisations:

Open Banking is one of the most exciting emerging trends with enterprises and leaders across the globe taking advantage of digital and regulatory opportunities beyond the traditional financial services sector. Still, large parts of existing, non-banking businesses do not have a complete understanding of what Open Banking entails and are reluctant to embrace these new opportunities.

Register for our Live Webseminar to understand the mechanics and scope of Open Banking and learn how to extract greater value and efficiencies in the provision of financial services to your customers.

Specifically, we will look at:

  • What types of players, trends and digital services are operating in the Open Banking space?
  • How can organisations across industries (particularly non-financial services players) exploit these market opportunities?
  • How should companies respond to digital compliance and RegTech challenges?
  • What level of organisational change and what new processes are required to exploit Open Banking opportunities?
  • How can your IT infrastructure be developed to take advantage of opportunities in Open Banking?

BONUS: Telepass, leader in toll payment systems, will share their experience in implementing an open banking platform which allowed them offer innovative services at speed.

Live session: June 18th, 5:30pm CEST

The online-course will be delivered in English.



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