How to create a holistic IT architecture for your Systems Engineering | NTT DATA

Online Seminar - Di, 05 Oktober 2021

How to create a holistic IT architecture for your Systems Engineering

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Manufacturing companies, such as automotive or mechanical engineering companies, are increasingly establishing (Model Based) Systems Engineering (MB)SE, especially in response to the challenge of ever more complex systems consisting of mechanical, electronic and software components, where this approach is used to comprehensively control their development. The inherent problem, however, is that (MB)SE itself represents a multi-layered interplay of tools, disciplines and processes that need to be united in IT terms for holistic engineering.

With SENSEI (Systems Engineering aNd Scalable Enterprise Integration), NTT DATA has developed a blueprint for integrative IT architectures that combines best practices, scientific knowledge and practical requirements for modern engineering work environments. Based on the recognition of existing IT landscapes (brownfield) - as a system of established applications or about best-in-breed solutions - the concept builds upon the experience of these and raises these to a new level with SE. Necessary for this: Access to all data and its relationships between them, which is enabled by the CONWEAVER Linksphere platform.

In the online seminar with our partner CONWEAVER we present the application of the concept via the joint PoC. Learn,

  • how linked data supports holistic PLM and ALM within agile, lean enterprise architectures
  • how cross-domain IT integration works and data contexts arrive exactly where they are needed
  • how Linked Data ensures traceability
  • how to make data-driven product/system development a reality

Your Speakers:

  • Jens Krüger, NTT DATA
  • Sven Friedel, NTT DATA
  • Sebastian Dörr, CONWEAVER
  • Franziska Günther, CONWEAVER

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