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Mo, 12 Februar 2018 - 140 Minuten

When the car takes over

A glimpse into the future of autonomous driving

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The autonomous vehicle is coming.

… there’s no doubt about that. We just need to ask:

will the first autonomous vehicles appear on roads?

will self-driving cars (SDCs) outnumber other cars?

will only self-driving cars shape the streetscape?

What technological and legal prerequisites must be fulfilled or must first be established? What can (and must) the automotive and supplier industries do now to set the course for the future – a future that belongs to autonomous driving?

This NTT DATA white paper provides answers to these questions. Our company has had a clear focus on innovative IT solutions for the automotive industry for over half a century. In three scenarios for 2020, 2050, and 2060, we have outlined a series of changes that autonomous driving will entail – for the driver as well as the automotive and supplier industry. We are also focusing on key points such as the complete remodelling of the passenger compartment, the increasing importance of car-sharing, and fundamental changes in aftersales.

In addition to the three future scenarios, we will address the fundamental elements of autonomous driving in terms of technology, safety, and legislation.

We hope that this will provide you with more insight into the future of autonomous vehicles.


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